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More children need dental sealants, CDC says
Caries, more commonly known as tooth cavities, is one of the most common childhood oral health diseases. One simple procedure could prevent about 80 percent of children’s cavities, according to a statement by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) last month. A dental sealant is a thin, transparent coating applied to the surface of teeth. It creates a protective barrier between tooth enamel and harmful bacteria.

Although they may be used for patients of any age, sealants are especially helpful for children. It can be difficult to impossible to thoroughly clean the tiny pits and fissures in primary teeth, especially for a child who is just learning oral hygiene. The procedure is fast and straightforward, with remarkable benefits. Yet, only 43 percent of children have received sealants, according to federal surveys. Parents are advised to talk to their child’s dentist about this procedure before cavities develop.

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"I love A-Dental Center! The first day I came in, I was immediately comfortable with the friendly staff. They are extremely accommodating and thoughtful. They make the dentist feel more like a visit with friends, and the entire staff listens and gets to know you and your preferences. I highly recommend A-Dental Center."
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Trust Dr. Fadi Edmond Elzayat with your family’s dental needs
Finding a dental office with the capabilities to handle your families dental needs may not be an easy task. Sometimes the issue is services, with some requiring a referral to a specialty such as endodontics. Sometimes the issue may be that the dental team that cares for your smile may not be as relatable to your child.

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