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Good and Bad Fruits for your Teeth

Posted on: 2018-11-21

Man eating a strawberry for healthy teethThey say too much candy rots your teeth, and every one of us has had occasion to hear it while growing up. It turns out this is true to some extent, but candy is not the only thing that can have this effect. You may find it hard to believe, but there are wholly natural fruits, which can mess with your perfect smile if you do not eat them the right way.

The Good Ones

The following fruits can be instrumental in keeping your teeth strong and clean, especially when paired with regular visits to a general dentist. Stock up on these to help maintain them well.

  • Crunchy fruits: Pears and apples, which have high water content, are a good way to cut sugar intake from alternative sweet fruits. The latter can erode your teeth, while the former does not. Water-filled fruits also stimulate saliva production, which is useful in clearing out any existing bacteria and sugar.
  • Strawberries: This fruit is a natural teeth whitener, rich in Vitamin C, which keeps your gums tough enough to hold off infection.
  • Grapes, cherries, and plums: These fruits too have high water content, as well as a wealth of nutrients that are good for your dental health.

The Bad Ones

The most problematic fruits from a dental perspective are those with added sugars in them, and those that are acidic in nature. Even the best dentist Sherman Oaks has to offer would tell you that immoderate consumption of these could cause your teeth to suffer extensive damage.

  • Citrus fruits: Lemons, grapefruits and such, which contain high portions of acid, generally erode the teeth and sensitize them beyond acceptable levels. It is best to consume these alongside larger meals that contain other foods.
  • Fruit juices: Grapefruit juice and lemonade are not just acidic, but also filled with a good amount of added sugar, which compounds the potential damage to your teeth. If you cannot do without a fruit drink, then pick orange juice to minimize the harmful effects heaped on your teeth and gums.
  • Dry fruits: Fruit that has been dried obviously loses all its water, but any sugar it once contained is still there. This would generally also be gooey enough to stick in between the teeth, making it harder to reach and remove. If left there, it could initiate tooth decay in a matter of weeks.

The best thing to do is try to stay away from citrus and dry fruits, or at least make sure you rinse thoroughly after eating any. Wait half an hour before brushing though, because your teeth would be sensitive right after.


How Bad is Vaping for your Teeth and Gums?

Posted on: 2018-11-09

Vaping girl, A-Dental CenterMany see vaping as a stylish alternative to smoking cigarettes, and to a large extent, it is also less harmful. However, if you asked a dentist if it was good for your teeth and gums, you would probably get a clear “No” as an answer. Suffice to say that this habit has still not been conclusively shown as being 100% safe.



How Does it Affect Teeth and Gums?

While much less harmful than smoking because it produces no smoke, vaping does your dental health no favors.

  • It brings the user in touch with nicotine, which is detrimental to healthy blood flow. The soft tissues present in the mouth get less oxygen and nutrients.
  • Vaping can be the cause of gums receding, and that ties in with the nicotine. Basically, it restricts the blood vessels and curtails blood flow. When the vapors from this burn, inflammatory proteins get released into the gum tissue, often inviting diseases like periodontitis.
  • The mouth loses a majority of its ability to fight off the harmful effects of bacteria. Decay rates, infection, and other issues get sped up, and over time, even tooth loss, and resulting problems can occur.

How This Differs from Cigarette Smoking

Where a conventional cigarette produces smoke, vaping makes vapor. A heating element is applied to the “vape juice”, which is where the nicotine is contained. When vaping first became popular, the absence of smoke caused many people to believe it would actually be good for them.


What Dental Symptoms are a Sign you Should Probably Stop Vaping?

In all fairness, a regular vaping habit alone does not guarantee the person will suffer gum disease. However, some symptoms can exhibit, including during dental cleaning sessions, which require prompt action. Following are some of the things that signal you should make a change sooner rather than later, concerning your vaping habit.

  • Enduring bad breath (halitosis)
  • Bleeding or irritated gums
  • Tenderness in the gums, or even swelling
  • Wobbly or weak teeth
  • Gum tissue receding

If any gum disease is detected early on, immediate treatment has greater chances of being successful. In the early stages, it may even manage to prevent tooth loss. If you are planning to hold on to a vaping habit, at least make sure you see a dentist regularly. Just Google “best general dentist near me” and you should get a list of some good practices in your area.


What is a Family Dentistry?

Posted on: 2018-11-07

Dentist treating cute blonde child in his surgery, A-Dental CenterYou have probably heard the term “family dentistry” a lot, and may have wondered how it relates to the dental care options you can avail. A family dentistry is simply a dental practice, which tends to the oral health needs of a person throughout their life. This involves a wide range of specialized services including dental fillings and cleanings, tooth replacement, etc.

There are even family dentistry practices that merge other services with conventional dental care, such as cosmetic dentistry, for example. This has the advantage of giving you access to more services under the same roof, without the need to pin down another provider you can trust.


Advantages to Family Dentistry

The main benefit of regularly availing services from a family dentistry practice is that everyone in your family can have their dental needs met at the same place. This especially benefits people who have children. It makes sense to skip the option of a general dentist and take your kid to a dentist who knows what he or she needs, and has experience delivering desired results. However, while a pediatric dentist fits this bill, he or she would typically not be as adept at managing the needs of an adult. A family dentist or group of dentists can cater to people of all ages, and this means you would never need to switch dentists.


Finding the Right Family Dentist for you

For some people, this is just a matter of locating a local branch of a dentistry brand they already trust. For others, it entails solid research into available options. If you find yourself in the latter group, make sure of the following things.

  • Know your needs well. Sit down and give some thought to your current and future dental needs. Is it just your kids you want a dentist for, or do you personally need dental services as well? Moreover, try to remember if anyone in the family has oral health problems that need to be taken care of.
  • Pick a family dentist based on sensible criteria. Several things matter when choosing, so make a list of these. What degrees do your candidates hold, and are they updated with current dental care trends? How much do regular services cost, and do they offer affordable alternatives to high-tech procedures? What kind of insurance do they accept? In addition, consider how comfortable their offices are too, because you need to stay calm during dental checkups and procedures.

The best approach is to ask friends and family, as well as other people you know, who regularly avail dental services. Look online too, and diligently compare the options that appeal to you.


What Happens during a Dental Cleaning Session?

Posted on: 2018-11-05

Smiling young woman with floss cleaning teeth

A recent report submitted by the Academy of General Dentistry revealed that professional dental cleaning helps to improve our oral health considerably. However, some of us are a little bit hesitant to schedule a dental cleaning session, because the strange noises, occasional jaw discomfort, and the prodding while cleaning teeth can be scary at times.


It is significant to realize that the process of dental cleaning is actually a painless and simple task. If you have a clear idea on what is going to happen during a specialized dental cleaning session, then you will be able to ease the stress and enjoy your visit to the dentist. Below is a quick look at what usually happens during a dental cleaning session.


Physical Examination

Before the cleaning process begins, dental hygienists will assess your gums and teeth for symptoms of gingivitis or any other issues. If they identify any such oral health concerns, then they will consult with the dentist to check whether it is fine to proceed with the cleaning process or not.


Plague and Tartar Removal

In the next step, the dental hygienist would remove the tartar and plaque around the gum line and from in between your teeth with the help of a scaler. You will probably hear a scraping sound during this process, but it is perfectly normal. If there is more tartar in a particular spot, then it will take a bit more time to remove them from those areas.


Gritty Toothpaste Cleaning

Once your tooth is completely free from tartar, the hygienist will use a high-powered electric brush to brush your teeth. The use of the electric brush allows them to remove the tartar and plaque that the scaler could not trap from your tooth.



Then follows flossing, where the dental hygienist will thoroughly examine your teeth and nearby areas. The food particles and plaque that are present in places where your toothbrush cannot reach are thoroughly cleaned in this stage. Note that these buildups may eventually result in gum diseases and even tooth decay, so flossing is a very important step in dental cleaning.


Rinsing and Fluoride Treatment

Your dental hygienist will now give you a rinse with liquid fluoride to get rid of the debris and other buildups. A fluoride treatment is performed next to offer greater protection to your teeth against cavities for about three to six months. If you wish to keep your teeth in fine form and free of any damages, then you should schedule a professional dental cleaning session at least twice every year.


The Pros of Having Dentures

Posted on: 2018-10-31

Old Woman at Dentist

Our teeth are very important to the way we eat and speak. Without them, life would be a lot different, and mostly not in good ways. In today’s world, the chances of tooth decay and damage are so high that the majority of people are unable to avoid tooth loss and extractions.


What Tooth Loss Entails

Losing even a single tooth can prove highly detrimental, both to a person’s smile as well as the functioning of their mouth. Imagine losing more than one; the physiological and psychological impact would be staggering. The person may simply be too ashamed to openly smile afterwards, or for that matter, do anything at all which draws attention to their mouths. Some foods may need to be given up completely, because chewing and biting are restricted now.



Dentures let you side step the embarrassment and inconvenience of multiple missing teeth. Being removable dental appliances that step into the spots left by real teeth, dentures can restore a huge portion of your mouth’s former functionality and beauty. The design comprises a metal or plastic plate, which has prosthetic teeth fastened to it. These are made in different sizes, shapes, and colors, which closely match those of your old teeth, and that means your smile would look almost exactly the same as it used to.

You can get dentures in full arches, where all the missing teeth in both the lower and upper jaws are replaced. Alternatively, you could get partial dentures, which fill up the spaces formed by no more than a handful of missing teeth. Each of these options comes in both removable and fixed varieties.


The Benefits

There are many beneficial reasons why dentures make such attractive options for people with missing teeth.

They bring back the function of the teeth: The mouth gets restored to full functionality, including the ability to chew, bite, and speak without any problems.


Fewer dietary restrictions: Many patients miss out on many of their favorite foods, simply because they lack the necessary teeth to chew them. Having dentures lets them eat what they like where solid foods are concerned, provided their dentist approves.


Improved speech: Almost every word we speak sounds the way it does, because we push on our teeth in a specific way to make the proper sound. People without teeth have major a problem to contend with here, but dentures let them speak almost as well as they did before losing their real teeth.


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